E Mortgage Capital provides you the opportunity to initiate your career. Reporting to your branch manager, you will have access to our proprietary technology, marketing tools and extensive training. If you are a self-starter, results-driven, and enjoy working with people, get in touch.

Join a Growing and Winning Team

E Mortgage Capital currently has a network of over 1500 loan officers and branch managers. We take pride in providing personalized and detail-oriented customer service to our community. You will be working directly with our clients and guide them towards the home loan that most suits them.


What do I need to Become a Loan Officer?

All you need is your NMLS license and have current knowledge on financial products such as mortgages, loans and refinancing)

We will provide you with the most Competitive Benefits

  • Proprietary Technology

    You will have access to our in-house technology to manage your professional connections. It makes the process quick, efficient, and simple.

  • Competitive Compensation

    We are a value-based organization and want to attract the best talent. We encourage growth from within and offer an attractive and competitive compensation model.

  • Culture

    We offer our loan officers autonomy and inclusiveness. We believe in creating a lending experience that strengthens your relationship with your borrowers.

  • E Marketing Made Easy

    We abide by our brand vision and using our proprietary technology so that we can grow our branches and dominate our marketplace.


Why become a Loan Officer?

  • You build your own Success.

    At E Mortgage Capital you will be able to apply your skills and initiatives to conduct successful business transactions with your clients.

  • Competitive compensation packages

    We reward talent accordingly and offer competitive commissions to our loan officers.

  • Personal growth

    E Mortgage Capital encourages internal promotion and personal growth within the organization. As a loans officer, you can progress towards a senior role or becoming a branch manager by opening up your own branch with us.

  • Foster relationship with your community

    You will be able to provide a value-added relationship with members of your community by providing the most mutually beneficial personal loans for your clients.

Join Us

Become a Branch Manager

E Mortgage Capital provides an opportunity to develop your career. If you are a self-starter and value relationships, then let’s talk.

Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming a Loan Officer

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to one of our qualified loan officers team.

  • Am I paid 1099 or W2?
    Most states are paid 1099 with the proper license. Some exceptions: In CA, DBO requires W2. Additionally, Oregon and Arizona require W2. Note: If you obtain a license (under EMC) in a state outside of your home state, that can impact your payment status in your home state.
  • How often do I get paid?
    EMC takes pride in running payroll daily, EMC cuts commission checks once we have a complete file and funds have been received.
  • How do I price loans with EMC?
    EMC is approved by approximately 70 wholesale lenders and banks. You can price your scenario with the investor directly as EMC does not have its own rate sheet or through the company’s loan sifter account.
  • What type of loan origination software will I use?
    We offer our originators a seat on Calyx point to use any industry-standard loan origination software, Calyx, Encompass, etc. The most popular is Calyx Point. If you do not currently have Calyx, you can purchase a copy of Standard Calyx Point through EMC or you can purchase this or their upgraded Point Central directly from Calyx Point.


Alternately, you may piggyback on a current EMC branch's Point Central. This last option is slightly more expensive as it's plug-and-play and includes training.
  • How do I pull credit?
    We set you up with a sub-account with one of our approved credit vendors. Each loan officer and branch are responsible for their billing with each credit vendor.
  • Can I run my own ads?
    Yes, you can. However please note these ads must be previously approved by our Compliance Department. All advertising must be in EMC's name. This applies to any form of advertising, including, but not limited to, print, radio, television, and the internet. Any form of advertising without obtaining approval from EMC will lead to immediate termination. We take this very seriously.
  • I want to print my business resources, how can I arrange for that?
    Business cards and letterheads can be ordered directly from our website in our marketing hub and can be ready within a week of approval.

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